Why I NEVER Wanted to Get Into Personal Injury

I NEVER wanted to get into personal injury.  I felt it was “dirty”, I’d have to roll over and play dead, succumb to the demands of attorneys, and I feared this would make me lose the passion of why we all become Chiropractors to begin with.. To help people!

Backstory: Towards the end of last year, Dr. Todd decided to dive deeper into the personal injury world.  He was recommended by one of our MoveNow Doctors to check out Dr. Cronk’s SmartInjuryDoctors program.  He did, and it was a great move!

More resources:

Watch the demo: demo.movenowu.com
Dominate Personal Injury: pi.movenowu.com
Get the free book: book.movenowu.com

Website: movenowu.com

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