What are the 4 Functional Movement LAWS that you can apply with your patients to see results?

Attention Chiropractors: What are the FOUR Functional Movement LAWS that you can learn and apply with your patients to instantaneously see results?

And, in addition, give EXCELLENT speaking points to educate your patients:

Rule #1: Mobility, then stability

Rule #2: Clear the neck first

Rule #3: Prioritize clearing non-painful patterns first

Rule #4: In shoulder cases, clear T-spine mobility first

Check out this video where I go into detail, making these concepts of Functional Movement EASY to understand and EASY to implement to achieve better results with your patients.

Let me know what else you’d like to see us cover, ask questions regarding;

  1. Clinical
  2. In-house operations (smooth running chiro clinic)
  3. Community outreach (marketing/practice-building)
  4. Communication gems
  5. Time management (to get MORE done)

More resources:

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Get the free book: book.movenowu.com
Dominate PI: pi.movenowu.com
Website: movenowu.com
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