Want Your Patients to “GET IT”? (Explain Overactive Synergists)

Admit it; your patients don’t follow your recommendations for one of 3 reasons:

1- They don’t trust you

2- They don’t trust that your methods will work

3- They don’t trust themselves to follow through

A great way to further build trust and rapport, is to break down unfamiliar principles by making them familiar.  This post isn’t meant to be a communication lesson necessarily, but more of a clinical summary of understanding common talking points that help your patients understand (aka: blow their minds because it FINALLY makes sense).

Here are a few:

  1. Common patterns of inactivity/weakness
  2. Overactive synergists 
  3. Reciprocal inhibition

More resources:

Watch the demo: demo.movenowu.com
Student Demo: demo.movenowu.com/prepared
Get the free book: book.movenowu.com
Dominate PI: pi.movenowu.com
Website: movenowu.com
Schedule: https://demo.movenowu.com/schedule-now

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