Here’s How to NOT BE the Kind of Chiropractor Who Pays for a Gym Membership & Never Goes?

How many things have you signed up for in your personal life that you then haven’t followed through with? 

  1. Gym membership?
  2. Workout challenge?  
  3. New clinical tools for the clinic?  
  4. Communication Systems? 
  5. Marketing Strategies?

Want to know something?   It doesn’t matter how awesome something is if you NEVER implement it!

Here’s what I did recently to map out and organize my life and it has helped me a ton!!! AND here is how we map out the 12-week implementation process with MoveNow University (and that helps YOU a ton!!!)

When a Doctor joins our program, they can choose an upcoming S.M.A.R.T. (Success Manual Accountability Results Training) 12-Week Implementation, weekly live accountability process, so other than flying to your clinic and holding your hand, this is the next best thing!

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