Communication: How to Handle the ol “Can I Just Want to Do These Exercises at Home?” question…

So you have all of these awesome protocols put together in-office, you have an exercise department setup, your staff person (or persons) are trained up and ready to rock and roll, but your patient doesn’t want to partake in the sweet nectar.

So what do you do?  They throw out the nails on the chalkboard objection/question: “Can I just do these at home?”

To which you reply: “Of course you can, and you will…”

Let me explain how this works with a SIMPLE 3-STEP Process, and how patients ALMOST ALWAYS gain a new understanding and appreciation for your corrective exercise protocols- and most importantly,  then follow through.  

Meaning; they schedule, pay and come in for their appointments… and then gain the RESULTS that you know they want and need.

Watch our 30m pre-recorded demo if you haven’t already: 


Step #1: Agree With Them

Step #2: Ask A Powerful Question

You want the best results possible, right? That’s why you are here?  You’d be willing to put in some effort if it was going to pay huge dividends for the rest of your life?

Right, that’s why we designed a home care system that amplifies the results you can achieve in our program.  I’m assuming you’d want amplified results/ getting better, faster and longer lasting, right?

Step #3: Show them the way

Introduce key features in-office that progress the patient- aka-belt system of fmov

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