5 Ways to Blow Attorney Relationships

Towards the end of last year, Dr. Todd decided to dive deeper into the personal injury world.  He was recommended by one of our MoveNow Doctors to check out Dr. Cronk’s SmartInjuryDoctors program.  He did, and it was a great move!

Dr. Todd was a big fan of the program so he reached out to Dr. Cronk.  Turns out Dr. Cronk is a huge fan of what Dr. Todd has built inside of MoveNow University.  They joined forces and Dr. Todd took Cronk’s material and designed an automated process to engage the right types of attorneys in order to build meaningful and lasting relationships.  

Lots of attorney meetings, great discussion about the journey…

More resources:

Watch the demo: demo.movenowu.com
Dominate Personal Injury: pi.movenowu.com
Get the free book: book.movenowu.com

Website: movenowu.com

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