100 KB Swings- Orange Belt Test with Patient Jake

How do you take functional rehab exercises (that are normally pretty boring) and make them engaging and awesome???  

Kettlebells!  …that’s right!

Using this simple and effective tool to get patients motivated to move better.  In the MoveNow Systems, we teach our patients kettlebell skills and we TEST them and REWARD them when they demonstrate proficiency.  Watch as Dr. Todd steps in as Jake (patient of ours), is testing for his orange belt.

More resources:

Watch the demo: demo.movenowu.com
Student Demo: demo.movenowu.com/prepared
Get the free book: book.movenowu.com
Dominate PI: pi.movenowu.com
Website: movenowu.com
Schedule: https://demo.movenowu.com/schedule-now

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